Taking Stock of Detroit's Neighborhoods

by Eric Stokan 7. December 2009 09:40

The Wayne State University Center for Urban Studies uses Google Earth to make its research on Michigan neighborhoods and changing neighborhood conditions available to policy-makers and citizens. This mapping-system was developed by Dr. David Martin of WSU's Center for Urban Studies. The system uses the Center's research databases in conjunction with Google Earth.  Just open the .KMZ files with Google Earth and start exploring! 

- This link features several of Dr. Martin's Google Earth Applications including vacancy data provided by the United States Postal Service.

Change in Address Vacancy 2005-2009.kmz (431.00 bytes) -

Michigan Residential Address Vacancy Data 0909.kmz (430.00 bytes)

You may need to open these after you have opened Google Earth. 

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Lyke Thompson, Ph.D.

Director of the Center for Urban Studies and Professor in Wayne State University's Political Science Department, has specialized his research on the urban political and economic environment.  A primary focus has been centered on municipal economic development, urban policy, and the determinants of economic growth.

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Research assistant at the Center for Urban Studies Economic Development Unit.  Mr. Stokan serves as the lead researcher of the Unit, analyzing economic data using various statistical techniques.  Mr. Stokan is interested in questions concerning municipal economic growth and industry mix as well as determinants of local economic incentive adoption.

Mary Hennessey

Research technician at the Center for Urban Studies Economic Development Unit.  Ms. Hennessey researches the effectiveness of local economic development incentives.  Specifically, she has conducted a thorough investigation of brownfields and is currently working on public transit.