Base Analysis Calculator:

Welcome to our calculator page. Here, you can compute a shift-share or local quotient analysis as well as conduct a cost-benefit analysis of alternative energy projects. Simply click one of the links below.

Shift-Share Calculator

Definition: A shift-share analysis is an analytic tool used to assess industry level data in a region and determine which areas are growing or declining relative to national averages.

Local Quotient Calculator

Definition: Local or location quotients enable municipalities to distinguish between sectors where employment is basic v. non-basic. This allows them to determine whether the industry is meeting local needs (Location Quotient of 1 or above). Alternatively, this tool can help a municipality determine if there is economic leakage in that an industry is unable to meet local demand.

Alternative Calculators:

Wind Power Calculator

Definition: These calculators are available to measure the economic impact of creating alternative energy jobs by state. Using IMPLAN for the input-output model, this tool allows one to measure the direct, indirect and induced job and income effects by creating everything from wind energy to solar and nuclear energy plants.

Assistance in Calculation: The Center is here to help. We have experts on hand who can guide you through each of these calculations and assist you in putting forth an economic development strategy that will optimize your job creation efforts. Feel free to see the services we offer or contact at (313) 577-7969 or by email at with any additional questions.